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Sex Videos Opened Up New Opportunities

Posted on 22 April, 2014 in Stories

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My fantasy to shoot with hot and hunky porn actors led me to watching Sex Orc sex videos and they turned me on to no end. So much so that I was now at an audition room in front of a serious looking man who asked me various questions. It amazed me that normal blonde girls just like me could get roles in free xxx videos and make so much money. After the general interview stages were over, he asked me to get naked and asked what I think about mature lesbians and about working with gay boys in bisexual porn. I tentatively stripped off my light pink dress to reveal matching white underwear underneath. I knew that I needed to be confident so I stripped off my underwear and pouted seductively for the talent scout. He then bluntly informed me that I would be having sex with him today, I expected this due to the free erotic movies that I had watched so nodded in agreement.

The man who introduced himself as Bill came over and started gently touching my big tits which then followed by him rubbing my teen pussy, I am only 18 and he must be nearing 40 but he was handsome for an older man. The thought that people would be watching this turned me on so much and I moaned with pleasure as he expertly fingered my pussy. He instructed me that it was time to show off my blowjob skills to which I quickly obliged. I pulled down his boxers and wrapped my mouth around his growing member, licking and sucking on his large shaft. As he bucked into my mouth, I moved up and down to get as much of him in as possible before stopping for a moment, looking at the camera and licking my lips. I continued sucking his huge cock and I could tell by his grunting that he was enjoying it. He finally stopped me and instructed me to bend over the desk in his office.

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I did as I was told and stuck my ass towards him, he grabbed me by the hips and slowly entered my wet hairy pussy from behind. I cried out as his length filled me and he started me fuck me hard. This was my favorite position, he got deep inside me and it felt so good. The thought of horny guys jacking off to this turned me on so much and I used one hand on my clit. He continued fucking me and instructed me that he was going to come, I gripped the side of the desk as I also felt my orgasm building. I never used to be sure if porn-stars fake it or not, but I guess now I know. As he continued pounding me hard, I screamed out as I came. I felt him pull out and his cum squirted over my ass. It was a real creampie like in the XXX movies about Christmas sex!

“Mmm.” I moaned, staring at the camera. Bill caught his breath and grinned at me. “Well done girl, you’re well on your way to stardom with a mouth like that.” I giggled as I started getting dressed. Long were the days of watching these sex videos because I would soon be starring in my own!

Mature lesbian blew my mind

Posted on 17 April, 2014 in Stories

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Lately my preference for free sex video had been increasing and I was beginning to question my sexuality as I looked online to satisfy my craving. I sat at my desk in my underwear, my blonde hair cascading over my shoulders, I could feel my young vagina getting damp as I scoured the beautiful and naked women (nurse) on my computer. My go to search was mature lesbian at and I was not disappointed with what I saw.

Up popped a stunning brunette, she must have been about my age and then an older Mediterranean lady with big natural tits walked into the frame. As the hot lesbians started kissing, I found my hands wandering down into my underwear and I leaned back on my chair as my fingers worked by clit expertly. The younger girl on the screen started to lower her head and began to eat the other woman’s cunt, I had always wondered what it would be like to eat pussy – I happen to think I would be quite good at it.

My thoughts drifted to a friend of mine who was bisexual, she was petite and had the tightest teen body that I had ever seen. I closed my eyes and imagined going down on her and as I touched myself. I imagined my finger entering her warm, wet cunt and I found that the thoughts turned me on more than I had ever experienced with men. I previously identified myself as straight but was slowly realizing that I wasn’t.

I snapped out of my daydream and my eyes returned to the extreme lesbian sex videos on our computer, the Asian mature woman was using a huge dildo on the younger one. She screamed out and I imagined what it would feel like if Jade fucked me with a dildo. Perhaps the lingering looks meant something to her, the way she always changed in front of me letting me glance her small but perfect breasts. I felt my vagina starting to drip, fuck! I’ve never been so horny, I want her so much. Just then my bedroom door opened, it was Jade – my jaw dropped as I realized my mom must have let her in. She looked at the lesbian porn that I was watching, seen what I was doing, grinned and dropped to her knees.

Not saying a word she threw her face into my cunt, her tongue working like I had never had before. I thought I was dreaming but the sensations that I was experiencing told me that I wasn’t. I heard her moan as she continued licking and sucking my labia. She stopped for a moment and put two fingers inside of me. She looked into my eyes before kissing me hard, her tongue meeting mine. I felt my orgasm building and she knew I was close. My hands pulled her hair gently as she continued eating me out and I climaxed hard all over her. She grinned up at me, her face wet with my juices.

“I’m glad you’ve finally come to my way of thinking!” she winked and I giggled. Who would have thought that mature lesbian would have brought me and this luscious woman together?

Huge Natural Boobs: Things I Love About Them

Posted on 17 April, 2014 in Stories

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They can say all they want about us guys that fall for huge boobs, but I’m one of them and I’m not hiding that. Given that I really love to watch huge natural boobs. They are something I use to browse through the categories. Busty women with an insignificant rack is totally uninteresting to me. I would be just as interested in a guy as I am in such a girl. That is why all my chicks had a rack that was really large and lovely. I don’t know why I like them so much. Perhaps I was breast-fed for too long, but I do. I even think about them all the time and I even have my favorite things about them.


In the big tits sex videos they are bouncing well. You have to admit that there is nothing so sensual and vulgar at the same time as huge boobies that are bouncing up and down while their owner is trying to keep them in order. The juggle and, somehow, bubble. You can imagine their softness and the way they feel when you cup them and try to keep them together. It’s also nice when female ass is natural and round.

Wet T-Shirt Contests

These are the best. These new amateur contests are always full of blonde teen girls that don’t have any job done on their jugs and they are all natural. The wet T-shirt will reveal just about everything about those breasts, but they will not be entirely naked. Not to mention that getting that shirt wet looks a lot like cumming on those boobies. It’s the sexiest contest there is.

Motor boating

There is one thing that naturally comes to a man’s mind when she watches that amazing melons on a woman. Sooner or later, he is about to think how to place his hard cock between those black melons and fuck them. You cannot do that with huge natural boobs that are not that sizable. Large and natural ones are the only ones that allow you this. So, that is another plus for D cups. This turns into a real treat, if the lady with tight pussy who has them is willing to welcome the glans that emerges into her mouth if possible.

Doggy Style Bounces

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There is no better sign of how hard and deep you are fucking her from behind than those large bonkers swaying forward and backward. It makes the whole thing so much hotter and sexier. Another great position to have a really good look at the twins is when the female is on the top and she is riding you. That is nice and you see everything from the best point of view (POV). However, things get a little bit more animal-like and fleshier when the boobs are slapping the body in the doggy style. That is my first choice.


That amazing and subtle line that starts on woman’s chest and loses itself underneath the shirt is what drives men crazy. That line is the promise of amazing and luscious bust that needs to be handled by a real man. It promises hands full of bubbly and bouncy breasts that cannot even fit inside a fist. The hot thing about them is that they are socially acceptable and kind of sexy at the same time. This makes them available and still a little bit dirty. Also, you know that the woman who is showing it off knows exactly what she is showing off. It’s so damn hot.

Rubbing Against Me

I don’t care if it is just a friendly embrace or that hug that you have while kissing, but pressing those breasts against me will make my dick hard any time. That squishy feeling that is also warm, makes me want to tear her clothes down and go for that biggest natural tits in porn right away.

I could go on forever about this, but this would be the shortest possible list of my favorite perks about these girl pillows. Check it for yourself, watch these huge natural boobs at


Cum Eating Instructions Online

Posted on 25 March, 2014 in Stories

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There is a cum eating instructions online that only certain members of a sex club knew about. To enter into this free adult site, there was a secret password, that had to be entered. The club members loved this website because it gave them specific directions that they would use in their private location in downtown NY. This place was not like any other thing around.

It was strictly for blowjobs and eating pussy rather than straight sex. The owner of the club created this website for his members that were new and needed guidance on how to eat jizz really good. Some women didn’t like to suck cock, but after joining the exclusive and reading the instructions online they were more comfortable with doing it. It is very easy to do and not hard at all once you get the hang of it.

One night a woman named Renae went to the sex video club for couples (Couple Cum) for the very first time. She met Robert there and he asked her if she ever sucked a dick real good that she ate all the juice out of it. Renae was very shy and told him that she never ate jizz before, but always wondered what it tasted like. Robert invited her into one of the blow job rooms and took off his pants. His cock was huge and was dripping already.

The sight made Renae instantly wet. She took off her clothes and went down on her knees in front of him. He shoved his big cock inside her mouth and she started to suck it. He told her to play with his balls while she was sucking it and if when he busts to just keep on sucking it and don’t be afraid. She was anxious to see how it tasted, but was shy at the same time because she did not know what to expect and how she would act when his load squirts all over her mouth.

His dick tasted so good that at this point all she wanted to do was drink his hot jizz. She licked his cock up and down and sucked lightly on his big balls. He couldn’t take it anymore, so he started to bust. It squirted all over her hungry mouth and she pulled away and it started to squirt all over slut face. He finished shooting his load all over Renae face and pulled his pants back up. Renae was so embarrassed because once again, she was hesitant to eat a man’s cum.

He rubbed her back and gave her the website address and pass code to get the directions to help her learn how to eat cum. She headed home that night and reviewed website with cum eating video, she was very motivated to learn and wanted to try again tomorrow. She stayed up all night long and went over the directions over and over again until she fell asleep. That night she had a dream that she drank all of Robert’s load until his toes curled.

The next evening she put on her sexiest dress and headed back to look for Robert. When she found him she pushed him into the room and tore off his clothes. She headed straight for his big dick and sucked it until he came and when he did, she drank every last bit of it up. There’s no question that she liked taking a huge, sticky load more than she would have ever thought. In fact, she couldn’t wait until she had the opportunity to do it again. You can watch that cum eating instructions at

Gay Boys: Why They Are So Hot

Posted on 21 March, 2014 in Stories

Gay Boys Videos

If you browse through some of the gay boys, you will definitely conclude that they are quite hot and sexy. There are many sex movies about them having steaming gay sex. Importantly, these boys on the videos are not underage, but they look like they are. Therefore, it is interesting to try and figure out why they are so cute and irresistible to all those people who stare at their videos all the time. Visits to those tubes are really frequent and they are a large share of the total of daily visits to porn tubes. Here are the most common things about these gay twinks.

Innocent yet Experienced

When you take a long look at these actors you will see that there are some very similar characteristics about them. They all seem like they have never laid their eyes on anything wrong or bad in their lives. And yet, in the next scene, they are gulping big cocks like it’s nothing. They give experienced and well-practiced blowjobs that make them even sexier and more desirable. That side of them is really cool and a lot of people like it.

Tender yet Strong

Another thing about them is the way they seem so tender. They seem a bit stronger but still a wind would blow them off the ground. And then, you see them taking a huge cock in their asses or even in some BDSM scenes, having fun and being thrilled to do so. Therefore, although they can be tender, they are very strong at the same time and their sex tapes are not about cuddling and kissing tenderly. They are usually about rough, man on man sex that doesn’t seem to hurt them at all. Moreover, they seem to love every second of it and posing for naked gay boy porn tubes.

Slim and Slender

You have to admire these hotties’ bodies. They always seem much younger than they really are and their bodies seem to be like those of fashion models. That is really something to admire. In most cases the hygiene is impeccable and they are cleanly shaven and without much body hair. It is mostly removed so that their skin is soft and tight. This makes them androgyny like and that is especially exotic and interesting for older gay guys.

Cute and Young Looking

A part of this has already been said, but it is needed to explain more thoroughly why they are so cute. Those faces are usually angelic with full and inviting lips and big eyes. They have something girly about them and they are not ashamed of it. Moreover, they know that it is what makes them special and they are using it to seem more desirable to other gay guys. That young look and those angelic faces that hide gay teens big cocks are just the perfect combination for gay fuck tubes. A lot of young gay boys are searching for something just like that when they are browsing porn categories.

In slang terms, these young teen boys are often called twinks. They are the inspiration and the constant element of wet homosexual dreams all over the world. Thousands and thousands of guys dream about fucking a stunning and sexy twink. While they are looking for one, they end up on some of the porn sites and jerk off on those tubes. That is the second best option when you cannot go out and hit on a guy that seems so hot, tender and innocent hunk, but has the experience and the sexual drive of a real gay man. Watch these GayGush gay boys online!

Christmas Sex: Kate always loved Santa

Posted on 05 March, 2014 in Stories

Kate always loved Christmas sex. She loved getting together with family, giving out gifts and going to the mall. What she really loved about going to the mall was the fact that she got to see Santa and sit on hi lap. As long as she could remember, she had always wanted to fuck Santa.

Free christmas sex

It was an extreme sexual fantasy for the man with the ling white beard. She wanted so bad to sit on his lap until she felt his dick getting hard underneath her thigh. As a little girl she always played the song ‘ I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause’ and imagined herself as a grown woman kissing him and riding on his lap. One day, she went to the mall hoping to fulfill her fantasy and got in line to see him. When it was her turn, she sat on his lap, rubbed his leg and whispered in his ear, “Santa, I’ve been a bad girl this year.

I want you to punish me”. Santa was very surprised by this. He couldn’t believe what that the young, hot blond with huge tits and a perfectly firm ass was saying to him. “How naughty have you been?”, asked Santa. As naughty as you want me to be”, replied Kate. She then whispered in Santa’s ear, “I’ll be waiting in my car for you, Silver Honda”. That night, when Santa got off from his shift, he walked out of the mall and surprisingly saw the Silver Honda coupe parked right in front of the entrance.

Kate rolled down her window and asked if he wanted to go on jolly joy ride. Santa didn’t hesitate and hopped right in the car. Making her way to a deserted parking lot, Kate started grabbing Santa’s dick. The moment they arrived to their destination, Kate put the car in park and immediately undid the man’s big belt buckle. Santa’s cock popped right out. Kate couldn’t believe how big his dick was and said, “Wow Santa, you’re cock is huge.

Kate couldn’t help it and moved in to make her fantasy finally come true. She bent over toward Santa and started sucking in his dick head. She was slowly stroking his entire shaft while gently blowing his cock. As she cupped Santa’s ball sack, Kate started to pick up speed. Now she was deep throating his whole dick as Santa started pumping her face with force. Kate loved getting her face fucked by Santa. “Harder”, Kate said.

As Santa fucked her face harder than ever Kate was slamming down on his shaft just as hard. Santa couldn’t take is anymore and moaned, “Here I cum”. Kate kept Santa’s dick all the way in her mouth as she felt a big load of cum gush deep down her throat. “I love your big cock Santa”, said Kate. “Let’s make a porn for my website I’ll fuck you even better than I sucked your cock”. That Christmas sex was the best in her life!

The Nurse gets Pussy Fucked

Posted on 04 March, 2014 in Stories

nurse sex

Jamie was one of the hottest nurses that Scott had ever seen, even in porn videos. He could see her gigantic tits and huge ass through her baggy clothes.

“Follow me Scott”, said Jamie in a very flirtatious tone. Scott followed her down the hallway. He was watching her ass jiggle all the way to the examination room. Jamie could feel his eyes on her the entire time. As they approached the room, Jaime said “after you”. Scott walked in first and turned around to see Jaime locking the door.

“Take your clothes off”, said that slut. The nurse was already half naked, ready to suck cock and get fucked while shooting a porn video. By the time Scott got undressed, Jamie was completely naked sitting on the examination table with her legs spread wide open. Scott’s dick got immediately hard as he stared at the goddess like figure sitting in front of him. “Eat my pussy”, said Jamie. “Now!”. Scott didn’t hesitate. He spread her legs out even more and started to suck on Jamie’s cunt. At first, Scott was teasing Jamie’s clit, gently licking her G-spot. The guy was holding her by the hips and quickly increased his speed.

Now Scott was aggressively licking her clit up and down, moving her hips faster with his hands. “Put your fingers in my pussy”, Jamie said. Scott did as he was told and put two of his fingers deep inside Jamie while still licking her clit. Jamie was moaning now, fucking his face even faster. Faster and faster she went. “I’m about to cum!”, moaned Jamie. Just as Scott started to lick her pussy as fast as he could, he felt a warm stream of cum pour into his mouth. The girl was moving her hips faster than before while she grabbed her tits and moaned.

“I want you to pound my pussy”, said that girl. Scott lifted his head and took a step closer to Jamie. She was at a perfect height for him to slip his dick right in. As soon as his cock was deep in her pussy, Jamie wrapped her legs around Scott’s body and began grinding his dick. Scott’s cock was so big that slut was enjoying both pain and pleasure. She eventually got used to the size and fucked him even harder.

With her clit brushing against Scott’s stomach, Jamie moaned “here I cum again”. Scott could feel a warm, wet puddle of sticky sperm flowing all over his dick. That slut was fucking him as hard as she could. Scott couldn’t take it anymore as his cock clenched and a huge load of cum shot deep inside Jamie’s pussy. Jamie was still holding him in deep with her legs.

She finally let go and said, “you have a nice cock Scott. Do you want to make a porno with me?” “Hell yes”, replied Scott. “Good”, said Jamie. “It will be perfect for tube. I’d love to post a porn video of us having sex in multiple positions.

Pussy Fingering Videos Helps Me to Masturbate

Posted on 17 February, 2014 in Stories

Pussy fingering video

Brandon couldn’t stop starring at his girlfriend’s best friend Lola. Brandon love to watch pussy fingering movie and porn videos of sexy girls. Lola was wearing tight black leggings that showed off her perfect ass. Brandon wanted to go rub it and grab it so bad. Him like fingering pussy of Lola every time when he has a chance and was not near computer with a porn movie.

Lola was tall with long, silky legs and an incredibly hot body. She had a huge pair of perky tits that Brandon wanted to lose himself in. He could tell that Lola knew he was checking her out and got the feeling that she liked it.

“I have to use the bathroom”, said Brandon. As he was leaving the table, he saw Lola give him a quick, flirtatious wink. Brandon went to the bathroom, relieved himself and then washed his hands. As he was leaving the bathroom, he couldn’t believe that Lola was standing there waiting for him. “I see you checking me out all the time”, said Lola. Brandon was speechless. Lola said, “don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. It’s going to cost you though. ”.

“Oh yeah?”, responded Brandon.
“Oh yeah”, replied Lola. “You’re going to come over, get my teen pussy fingered and fuck me tonight”.

Brandon wasn’t sure if he heard her right. “I’m what?”, asked Brandon.
“You’re going to come over after you drop Tina off and fuck me”, said Lola. “We are going to record it and make a porn too. Just come to my place when you can”.
Brandon didn’t know if he was being set up or not, so he walked back to the table without saying a word. As he got back to the table, Brandon could see that everyone was ready to go. He walked to the car with his girlfriend, got in and drove her home.

As soon as he dropped her off, Brandon made his way to Lola’s. When he got to Lola’s Brandon knocked on the door. Lola came to the door and was completely naked. She was much sexier than Brandon could have ever imagined. “Follow me”, said Lola as she led Brandon to her bedroom. There were three different cameras on, all focusing on her bed from different angles. Lola pushed Brandon on to the edge of the bed and aggressively took his pants off.

She immediately buried her face in Brandon’s already hard cock. Lola started choking on it right away as she bobbed up and down, Brandon was playing with her natural big tits while getting his dick sucked. After a few minutes, Brandon reached underneath Lola and started fingering her pussy. She instantly started squatting up and down on his fingers. Brandon wanted to fuck Lola’s pussy so he made her stop sucking his dick and lay on the bed.

Brandon quickly got on top and stuck his dick deep inside her pussy. He wasted no time and pounded her tight pussy very hard. Lola wrapped her legs around Brandon, causing him to go in even deeper. Lola was so hot and her pussy was so tight that Brandon couldn’t take it any more as he grunted out “here I cum”. Lola got off the bed and went to the camera to turn it off and said, “this fingering pussy movie will be great for my private collection.” Soon, you can watch that pussy fingering videos at